PAC Introduces FAME in AVTUR Analyzer; Detects Biodiesel Traces in Aviation Turbine Fuel with Unique GC Application

Houston, Texas, USA – PAC, a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications, announces the introduction of the AC Analytical Controls FAME in AVTUR analyzer, designed to detect traces of Fatty-acid Methyl Esters or FAMEs, more widely known as biodiesel, in aviation turbine fuel. FAMEs are used as blending stock for diesel fuel in refinery applications, and there is concern that other products, using the same production, storage, and transport systems such as aviation turbine fuel can become cross-contaminated with FAME and create problems with jet engine performance.

PAC’s FAME in AVTUR analyzer is a Gas Chromatography application with a unique combination of deans-switching and re-focusing. It can be used by the average technician and doesn’t require a chemist to operate. It is specifically designed to be used for routine analysis by refineries, distribution/pipeline companies, independent labs, airline companies, military, and others.

With the AC FAME in AVTUR solution, no sample preparation is required, and the application meets DEFSTAN 91-91 Jet Fuel Specification. The analyzer can be used with a wide range of jet fuels. Alternative methods require the operator to prepare the sample, such as accurately weighing the sample with internal standard, dilute the sample, or use Solid Phase Extraction techniques. No Internal standard (ISTD), no dilutions, and no Solid Phase Extractions techniques are used. This makes the analyzer much easier to use, suitable for use by operators with minimal chemical background or laboratory skills.

The excellent stability and repeatability of the instrument minimizes calibration and maintenance of the instrument, while still achieving the sensitivity to measure the trace levels of FAME in jet fuel at sub-ppm levels. Find out more at

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