Tumor Tissue Analysis Tools

Roche offers three next-generation sequencing AVENIO tumor tissue analysis kits for the detection of all four mutation classes in solid tumors. Included in these research-use-only, ready-to-use kits are reagents and software needed for labs to determine the genomic characteristics of solid tumors through a single DNA workflow. The AVENIO Tumor Tissue Targeted Kit is a 17-gene comprehensive genomic profiling assay for identifying guideline-related biomarkers, the AVENIO Tumor Tissue Expanded Kit is a 77-gene comprehensive genomic profiling assay with both guideline-related and emerging biomarkers to profile well-characterized genetic mutations in addition to those identified in clinical studies, and the AVENIO Tumor Tissue Surveillance Kit contains 197 genes and is intended for baselining variants in longitudinal tumor burden monitoring applications.