Total Spectroscopic Solutions

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High Performance ATR Probes and Interface Modules for the Bruker Alpha™ FTIR:
• Providing maximized sensitivity for mid-IR analysis.
• SI-Alpha1 Interface Module optimized for use with ATR probes and flow cells.
• Interchangeable with Bruker QuickSnap™ modules.
• DPR-210XT ATR probe, providing transmission > 30 %.
• Flexibly coupled diamond and conventional ATR probes.

Robust Process Probes and Flow Cells

Transmission – ATR – Raman – Diffuse Reflectance

Fully engineered solutions -- when you can’t afford to compromise.
• Robust process transmission probes.
• NeSSI compatible sample cells.
• Multipass Raman probes for greatly enhanced sensitivity.
• Large-scale probes for batch diffuse reflectance, and Raman analysis.

Lab Sampling Accessories for all Applications

Mid-IR – Near-IR – UV-Visible – Raman

Flexible, user-friendly sampling devices and systems for all spectrometers and sample types.
• Flexibly coupled diamond ATR probes.
• Enhanced sensitivity UV-Visible ATR cells.
• FDR-800 Series Near-IR diffuse reflectance probes for non-contact analysis.
• Mid-IR ATR cells for high pressure applications.

Symbion™ Analytical Instrument Software

Instrument connectivity and control – data analysis, display, and archiving – sample system operation

Symbion–DX, RX, and LX provide a standard laboratory and process operating environment for all spectrometers and many other instruments.
• Standard Oracle™ database.
• Instrument specific human machine interfaces (HMI).
• OPC and MODBUS communication with DCS and enterprise data systems.
• Extensive selection of instrument and third party software drivers.

Fully Integrated Spectroscopic Systems

System integration services for spectrometer manufacturers and end-users alike.

The combined skills of Axiom Analytical and Symbion Systems provide unmatched capabilities for total system design and implementation.
• Automated wastewater analysis.
• On-line gas and liquid process monitoring.
• Multiplexed diffuse reflectance systems.

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