So Cool. So Safe. So BINDER

SECURE.GUARD™ The safest ULT freezer (ultra low temperature) for the multi-user laboratory is now available.

BINDER is introducing a revolutionary ULT freezer (ultra low temperature) for the multi-user laboratory: SECURE.GUARD™. Developed in collaboration with leading laboratories, the SECURE.GUARD™ fits seamlessly into the series of proven BINDER products for the scientific laboratory when it comes to reliability and sets a new standard in security. It is based on an innovative 4-zone security concept and in addition to reliable cooling and storage of specimens at -86 °C, promises more security in daily use.

The SECURE.GUARD™ is available in three different sizes: UF V 300 with 365l, UF V 500 with 485l and UF V 700 with 725l capacities. The following features make the SECURE.GUARD™ the safest ULT freezer (ultra low temperature) in the multi-user laboratory: Personalized access control via key card, electronically-controlled door mechanism (opens at the touch of a button, closes automatically), secure data storage and simple data readout via Data Logger, multiple interfaces for connecting to the security and alarm infrastructure, uncomplicated filter replacement thanks to easily accessible air filter, clean de-icing thank to defrosting kit and unique 24-hour unit exchange service in case of emergency.

Detailed information about the technical innovations of the SECURE.GUARD™ are available at .