Optima X Ease of Use Ultracentrifugation

The Optima X Series of ultracentrifuges are available in two models: Optima XE and Optima XPN. These ultracentrifuges provide ease of use to the scientist or technician performing ultracentrifugation. Key features that attribute to its ease of use include a 15 inch LCD touch-screen with large buttons, step-by-step operation screens, and remote monitoring and control via an iPhone app to monitor and control from anywhere.


For over 60 years, Beckman Coulter has offered the premier ultracentrifuges available.  That tradition continues with the Optima X series.

The Optima XPN, it's the easiest to use preparative ultracentrifuge available.

Our user-friendly advanced intelligent software with large touch-screen display is easy to see and operate and effortlessly manages security and electronic records, increasing productivity and ensuring confidence in every run.

Its network capabilities mean you can monitor or control your ultracentrifuge from virtually anywhere.

And the Optima XE, as easy to use as the XPN, with the same user-friendly interface and large touch-screen display, the XE provides all the features required to quickly complete a run, freeing up valuable library sources and minimizing training time for new users, two preparative ultracentrifuge solutions for your lab's most demanding needs, the Optima X Series from Beckman Coulter.

No ultracentrifuge is easier to use.  The Optima X series offers the largest touch-screen user interface available on an ultracentrifuge on the market today, complete with onscreen help and local language support.

The large adjustable screen is easy to see from virtually anywhere in the lab.

Larger buttons offer easy operation, even with gloved hands.  And since the Optima X Series is fully touch-screen capable, you won't question the process.

All of your data is entered on the screen, and all buttons are easy to see and reach.

With more screen space comes the ability to display more data.  So, you can see how your instrument is performing.  And with the Optima XPN, you can track the progress of your run with real-time speeds and temperature graphs.

Zonal and continuous flow operations screens offer a graphical step-by-step work flow that simplifies and streamlines what can be a complicated process.

We also provide a number of networking solutions and remote monitoring and control options for our Optima XPN.

With Beckman Coulter, you can operate or monitor your centrifuge from virtually anywhere.  Each instrument has a unique IP address.  So, you can log in from any computer or network device and access the instrument, no more regowning or running from your desk or even home to check your samples.

With our networking solutions, you can set and monitor runs remotely, receive alerts regarding any problems or diagnostic messages via e-mail.

We even have a custom iPhone application available, the ultimate in convenience, all designed to improve your daily workflow.

Our security and tracking features on the Optima XPN include password protection with three user levels, electronic record keeping and signature capabilities, exportable run histories, and rotor tracking and logs.

These improved audit and tracing systems capture and store the information you need to support your quality assurance programs.

The largest touch-screen available, robust networking and remote control capabilities, and comprehensive security and data tracking, the Optima X Series offers ease of use and work flow efficiency for your demanding applications.

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