Watch Video: Glass Expansion WindTunnel Autosampler Enclosure

The unique design of Glass Expansion’s WindTunnel delivers an enclosure compatible with all the popular autosampler models (show table) while protecting samples from airborne contaminants and the operator from harmful fumes and odors.

The shatterproof polycarbonate construction of the WindTunnel features front and rear roll-up doors for easy access to load and remove samples. Multiple ports on both sides allow for convenient access to tubing and power cords.

The WindTunnel is designed as a robust dust cover, but can also be configured with multiple optional accessories to best suit your laboratory requirements. When fitted with the optional fan and HEPA filter the WindTunnel provides a positive pressure enclosure. Adding the flange allows for fumes to be removed through the existing laboratory exhaust system. An optional polyethylene base adds a channel around the perimeter of the autosampler to catch any spills and drain port to remove the spill into your waste container.

The NEW WindTunnel Mobile Cart can free up bench space and allow the autosampler to be placed in a more convenient position during analysis and rolled away during service. Its inbuilt shelving is a perfect place to store reagents and waste containers. The Mobile Cart also features a polyethylene top with built-in spill channel and drain to remove any accidental spills. Locking pins also allow for the WindTunnel Enclosure to be secured to the top of the Mobile Cart. The chemical-resistant polymer construction ensures years of use.

The WindTunnel Enclosure and Mobile Cart are both lightweight and fully collapsible for easy shipping and assembly. 

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