Laminar Flow Hoods / Biological Safety Cabinets

Laminar flow hoods and biological safety cabinets are mostly enclosed systems that use filters and directional air flow to provide a contaminant-free work area. Used in many lab types including medical, environmental, pharmaceutical, industrial, and educational, a laminar flow hood ensures that the sample or product being manipulated inside of it doesn't have any particulate matter added to it.

The two main types of laminar flow hoods are horizontal and vertical. Horizontal laminar flow hoods pull air from the environment; the air goes through a filter and then blows smoothly out the front of the hood back into the room. A vertical laminar flow hood works in mostly the same way, but the air is blown from the top of the hood straight down. This prevents hazardous chemicals, such as chemotherapy chemicals, from being directed at the person working at the hood.

Considerations for purchasing a laminar flow hood

When deciding which laminar flow hood is right for your needs, several factors should be considered, including the space available for the hood, whether you want a HEPA or ULPA filter, and whether you need horizontal or vertical air flow.

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