Thermomechanical Analyzer (TMA Analyzer)

CompanyShimadzuNetzschMettler-Toledo Inc.Mettler-Toledo Inc.
ItemTMA-60 Thermomechanical AnalyzerTMA 402 F1/F3 Hyperion Thermomechanical AnalyzerTMA/SDTA840 Thermomechanical Analyzer TMA/SDTA841e Thermomechanical Analyzer
Catalog NumberTMA-60TMA 402 F1/F3TMA/SDTA840 TMA/SDTA841e
Temperature Rangeup to 1000C (TMA-60); up to 1500C (TMA-60H)-150C to 1000C (or RT to 1550C) depending on configurationRT to 1100C -150C to 600C
Measuring RangeDisplacement: +/- 5 mm, Load: +/- 5 N+/- 2.5 mm20 mm20 mm
Detection ProbeQuartz (TMA-60), Alumina (TMA-60H)Highly Sensitive Force Sensor Quartz Glass ProbesInquire
Measurement Mode(s)Expansion, Elongation, Penetration (TMA-60), Differential Expansion (TMA-60H)Expansion, Compression, Penetration, Tension or BendingDynamic load Thermomechanical Analysis (DLTMA mode)Expansion, Penetration, Tension, Bending, Swelling

The TMA-60 and TMA-60H are each uniquely capable of performing a variety of thermomechancial experiments, on an array of sample shapes and sizes, over a wide temperature range, to meet all of your TMA needs!


High Precision TMA
The TMA-60 series incorporates a newly developed digital high

The heart of the TMA 402 Hyperion® is a highly precise inductive displacement transducer (LVDT) This technology has stood the test of time; it is also used for dilatometers and allows measurement of even the smallest of length changes, into the nanometer range (digital resolution of 0.125 nm). ...With the TMA/SDTA840 you can measure dimensional changes of a sample as a function of temperature. It is widely used in the analysis of polymers and composites to measure expansion coefficients, melting and softening temperatures.

  • Outstanding performance, straightforward and reliable
The new TMA incorporates true, high quality Swiss precision mechanics. Offering nanometer resolution, it can measure the very slightest dimensional changes in samples.

The most important advantages of this versatile TMA instrument are
  • Automatic liquid nitrogen cooling - simplifies operation and
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