Thermomechanical Analyzer (TMA Analyzer)

ItemTMA-60 Thermomechanical AnalyzerTMA 402 F1/F3 Hyperion Thermomechanical Analyzer
Catalog NumberTMA-60TMA 402 F1/F3
Temperature Rangeup to 1000C (TMA-60); up to 1500C (TMA-60H)-150C to 1000C (or RT to 1550C) depending on configuration
Measuring RangeDisplacement: +/- 5 mm, Load: +/- 5 N+/- 2.5 mm
Detection ProbeQuartz (TMA-60), Alumina (TMA-60H)Highly Sensitive Force Sensor
Measurement Mode(s)Expansion, Elongation, Penetration (TMA-60), Differential Expansion (TMA-60H)Expansion, Compression, Penetration, Tension or Bending

The TMA-60 and TMA-60H are each uniquely capable of performing a variety of thermomechancial experiments, on an array of sample shapes and sizes, over a wide temperature range, to meet all of your TMA needs!


High Precision TMA
The TMA-60 series incorporates a newly developed digital high

The heart of the TMA 402 Hyperion® is a highly precise inductive displacement transducer (LVDT) This technology has stood the test of time; it is also used for dilatometers and allows measurement of even the smallest of length changes, into the nanometer range (digital resolution of 0.125 nm). ...
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