Macro to Micro Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging

February, 2011 -- UVP announces the release of the new iBox® Explorer™ Fluorescence Microscope. The Explorer system combines the technology from its macro imager, the iBox Scientia™ Imaging System, with new micro imaging technology that incorporates imaging of tissues, tissue margins and individual cells. The Explorer provides breakthrough advances with its dual lighting system and software controlled objectives. The Explorer system supplies the benefit of using one complete system for macro and micro in vivo animal fluorescent imaging.

"The iBox Explorer is significant for its speed and versatility," according to Sean Gallagher (VP and CTO UVP). "Enabling the rapid and multiplexed fluorescence detection of tumor margins and micro metastasis, the Explorer cleanly separates normal from cancer tissues via the cell's fluorescent signature. Operating in the visible and NIR wavelengths, the Explorer yields detailed images of tissues and cells or, using the joy stick, 'flies' across an area such as the open abdominal region or skin flap of a mouse for rapid screening." In addition to imaging both the whole organ and cells of small animals, the Explorer delivers optical configurations that are parcentered and parfocal, allowing seamless imaging through the magnification ranges. The leading-edge cooled color camera enables quick detection, image capture and high throughput. The software automates research with total system control and allows easy creation of templates for reproducible and consistent results. Alex Waluszko, VP for Marketing/Sales, reports "Our market research identifies the requirement for quick viewing of fluorescent markers from whole organ to single cell was an unmet need. The iBox Explorer supplies an economical solution for even the smallest labs and budgets in the cancer research field."

One key component of the Explorer system is the new BioLite™ Xe excitation light source which provides a bright illumination source for fluorescent, visible, and NIR ranges. The BioLite Xe source houses a xenon lamp that allows brilliant excitation of fluorescent probes in a variety of applications.

The BioLite Xe includes a motorized filter wheel for the addition of up to eight independent excitation filters for convenient switching between experiments and multiplexing applications.The iBox Explorer Fluorescence Microscope is the ideal system for applications including:

  • Tumor shedding and angiogenesis
  • Micro/Macro metastases
  • Tumor/host margins and interactions
  • Tumor micro environment
  • Primary tumor growth
  • Hematogenous and Intralymphatic trafficking
  • Extravasation

UVP's CEO and President, Leighton Smith, said, "We are excited about the new iBox Explorer and its ability to not only see from the whole organ but also down to the individual cell level. The release of the iBox Explorer further demonstrates UVP’s commitment to the continuing development of unique imaging technologies for live animal and plant in vivo applications."

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