AirClean® Systems AC600 Series chemical workstations offer flexibility and mobility for today’s ever changing laboratory environment

The AC600 Series of ductless chemical workstations are designed to provide a low cost solutionfor protection of the operator and environment from toxic vapors, gases, fumes and particulatewhen performing low-volume applications with known chemicals. While smaller and more mobilethan a traditional or ductless fume hood, AC600 Series chemical workstations include the sameadvanced safety features and technology as their larger brethren – gas phase bonded carbonfiltration, real-time gas detection and constant airflow control and monitoring.

AirClean Systems ductless fume hoods and chemical workstations utilize gas phase bonded
carbon filtration, providing higher capacity and eliminating filter ‘dusting’ caused by traditional
granular carbon filters. In addition to standard formulations, multi-layered and chemically-
impregnated filters are available to increase load capacity. AC600 Series workstations can even
be configured with multiple carbon and HEPA filters.

The AirSafeTM automatic safety controller, a standard feature on all AC600 Series workstations,
displays, monitors and maintains proper airflow to ensure fumes and vapors do not enter the
operator’s breathing zone. Regardless of sash position, the microprocessor-based controller will
automatically raise or lower the blower speed to maintain the user-set face velocity. In addition to
monitoring and controlling airflow, AirSafe monitors gas phase filtration, providing both audible
and visible alarms once saturation reaches the alarm set-point.

AC600 Series workstations can be placed virtually anywhere within the laboratory with the only
installation requirement being access to a standard power outlet. Each workstation is available
with an optional sturdy cart, allowing flexibility and mobility within the laboratory. AC600 Series
workstations are self contained, fully assembled, factory tested and certified before shipment.

Typical applications include general chemistry involving small volumes of common chemicals,
tissue staining, gluing operations, cleaning and polishing of parts, sample preparation, soldering
applications and a variety of other common laboratory manipulations and formulations.

AirClean Systems AC600 Series ductless chemical workstations are proudly manufactured in
Raleigh, NC USA.

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