Siemens Receives CE Mark for New Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The CLINITEK Novus analyzer can handle a full spectrum of urine chemistry tests, helping laboratories deliver reliable results while maximizing productivity

Tarrytown, N.Y., April 30, 2012 – Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has received CE Mark approval to sell its CLINITEK Novus™ Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer—the latest urine chemistry analyzer in the company’s portfolio for the central laboratory—in Europe. The CLINITEK Novus analyzer, also available in other countries, including Japan,¹ combines proven dry-pad urine chemistry technology with an easy-to-use cassette test format, helping laboratories deliver reliable, trusted test results while maximizing productivity.

Urinalysis plays a key role in the central lab setting as a non-invasive and cost effective way to detect early kidney disease, urinary tract infections, diabetes and liver dysfunction. Since urinalysis samples come from a variety of collection sites (nursing homes, out-patient clinics, emergency departments), at all times of the day and night, laboratorians need a simple solution to manage high volumes while delivering consistent, reliable results.

“In working and listening to our customers, we know that they want instruments that are easy to use, offer high throughput and plenty of walk-away time capability,” said David Stein, PhD, CEO, Point of Care Business Unit, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. “When developing the CLINITEK Novus analyzer, we incorporated features that build upon Siemens proven track record in urinalysis and directly address the needs of our customers to enhance productivity and efficiency.”

Offering a full spectrum of tests and a throughput of up to 240 samples per hour, the CLINITEK Novus analyzer streamlines workflow, simplifies routine analysis and STAT testing and delivers consistent, high-quality results, even during peak periods. A digital imaging measurement system is utilized to improve accuracy of results, and new ergonomic features such as the tiltable, color-touch screen and intuitive user interface, customized menu options, simplified, cassette-based test handling and automatic entry of cassette lot number and expiration date enhance ease-of-use.

All CLINITEK® analyzers from Siemens employ the same proven testing technology, regardless of test format. This helps ensure confidence in test results in every setting, from point-of-care locations to high-volume automated laboratories.

The introduction of the CLINITEK Novus analyzer is a demonstration of Siemens’ innovation leadership, a goal of the recently launched Siemens Agenda 2013 program. For more information about the CLINITEK Novus analyzer, please visit:

¹ Disclaimer: The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details. Not available for sale in the U.S.

Launched in November 2011, Agenda 2013 is a global initiative to further strengthen the innovative power and competitiveness of the Siemens Healthcare Sector. Specific measures will be implemented in four fields of action: Innovation, Competitiveness, Regional Footprint, and People Development.

The Siemens Healthcare Sector is one of the world's largest suppliers to the healthcare industry and a trendsetter in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics, medical information technology and hearing aids. Siemens offers its customers products and solutions for the entire range of patient care from a single source – from prevention and early detection to diagnosis, and on to treatment and aftercare. By optimizing clinical workflows for the most common diseases, Siemens also makes healthcare faster, better and more cost-effective. Siemens Healthcare employs some 51,000 employees worldwide and operates around the world. In fiscal year 2011 (to September 30), the Sector posted revenue of 12.5 billion euros and profit of around 1.3 billion euros. For further information please visit:


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