CCR Honors Chemical Researchers with Prestigious Award

The Council for Chemical Research Announces Recipients of Industry Award

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. May 7, 2012— The Council for Chemical Research (CCR), a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing research in chemistry, chemical engineering and related disciplines, is proud to announce the 2012 recipients of the Collaboration Success Award.

The industry award honors a team of professionals in the field, whose combined efforts have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of chemistry-related science or engineering. This year’s recipients are being recognized for their research titled, Development of Novel Pyrochlore Catalysts for Reforming of Hydrocarbon Fuels.

Recipients of the 2012 Collaboration Success Award include: The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

  • Louisiana State University (LSU)
  • Precision Combustion Inc. (PCI)
  • Delphi
  • West Virginia University (WVU)
  • EG&G

The extensive research and development created an approach to incorporating active metals into the crystal structure of pyrochlore, a thermally stable material. The result allows for chemical modifications tailored to reforming properties for specific fuels and reaction conditions. This method significantly minimizes the poisoning effects of traditional catalyst designs and improves performance, while reducing the level of expensive reforming metals.

“The combined efforts and research of this team has created a better understanding of a stable catalyst,” said Dr. Seth Snyder, President of CCR. “The development of novel pyrochlore catalysts has furthered the industry as a whole and will continue to pave the way for new advancements.”

Through collaboration with industry, academia and other government agencies, the superior function and value of this catalyst has resulted in significant advances in the development of a commercially viable product. The development of stable catalysts is critical for enabling Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-based auxiliary power units, and can eventually be utilized in commercial power plants and wide-scale commercialization.

“The successful development and demonstration of this technology is a good example of how the unique roles of federal government, university, national laboratory and private sector organizations can be applied to a common vision,” said David Berry, Director of the Separations and Fuels Processing Division at NETL. “We are in a fortunate position at the National Energy Technology Laboratory to assess these energy R&D opportunities to participate and foster these types of collaborative efforts.”

Recipients of the Collaboration Success Award will be honored at the 33rd Annual CCR Meeting in Dearborn, MI, May 20-22. The meeting will focus on challenges the chemical industry faces for the growing areas of alternative energy, agriculture and human health. For more information or to register, visit

Nominations for the 2013 Collaboration Success Award will be accepted through February 2013. For details, requirements and eligibility, visit

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