BINDER ANTI.PLENUM CO2 Incubators Reduce Threat of Contamination

Design makes cleaning easier, lowers costs of ownership

BOHEMIA, N.Y. – (June 11, 2012) – BINDER CO2 incubators with ANTI.PLENUM design reduce the probability of contamination in the unit interior by a factor of three. The deep-drawn inner chamber with integrated shelf fixtures and large, rounded corners, the core of the design, provides such additional benefits as ease of care and reduced overall expenses.

Unique engineering eliminates bulky air deflectors, racks and fans from the incubator, reducing to a minimum the amount of surface area that can host contaminants. The patented VENTAIR™ air jacket, integral to the streamlined and effective ANTI.PLENUM configuration, combines with the proven Permadry™ humidification system to ensure all-around, uniform heat transfer.

Seamlessly integrated shelf-support systems are used in place of the typical air baffles and racks that steal space, a significant feature among the many that increase usable space by 25% compared to similarly sized units Due to their smooth surfaces and low number of easy-to-remove fixtures, the effort to clean BINDER CO2 incubators is reduced many times versus competitive models.

Taken together, these features contribute to a much more hospitable environment for cultures and a more user-friendly instrument. Importantly, they completely eliminate regular bills for such consumables as HEPA filters, H2O2 solutions and UV lamps over the entire working life of the CO2 incubator.

“ANTI.PLENUM design artfully addresses the primary user concerns for CO2 incubators – sterility, time and costs,” said Uwe Ross, president, BINDER Inc. “The engineering in our units is not only second to none, it is employed to provide optimal cell growth for scientists.” To protect samples from contamination, BINDER incubators are sterilized at 180 °C employing an onboard routine that uses no chemical agents and is easy to run. Internal fixtures do not have to be removed, and this proven automatic hot-air sterilization process meets all international guidelines, is safe, and can run overnight.


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