Plexpress to Showcase ADME-Tox Offering at Eurotox 2012

HELSINKI, FINLAND, 12 June 2012:Plexpress, creator of the innovative TRAC high sample-throughput platform for gene expression analysis, is to showcase its ADME-Tox offering at this year’s Eurotox meeting in Stockholm (17-21 June). TRAC is ideal for ADME-Tox studies as it allows the rapid, accurate and cost-effective analysis of thousands of samples, with multiplex of up to 30 genes per sample, providing expression profiles for all key genes in a single, fast experiment.

Dr Jari Rautio, Plexpress’ CEO, will be at stand 32 along with the rest of the Plexpress team to discuss the benefits of ADME-Tox screening using the TRAC approach, as well as to outline some successful recent projects completed by the company. These include the analysis of human cytochrome P450 expression in primary hepatocytes and the screening of ADME-Tox markers from rat liver samples. They will also be providing details of Plexpress’ integrated gene expression service, which offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for studies requiring genome-wide mRNA and miRNA biomarker discovery all the way through to focused, target-specific analyses using many samples.

As part of its offering, Plexpress also provides pre-validated TRAC ADME-Tox panels designed to yield excellent performance when working with human and rat models during pre-clinical drug testing. The company can also develop custom panels of up to 30 genes for any species with known sequence data, based on customer requests. For more information please visit the Plexpress website at