Silicon Designs Introduces MEMS Variable Capacitive Accelerometers with Eight-Pin Connector'

November 25, 2012 ­ Kirkland, Washington, USA ­ Silicon Designs, Inc. (, a global industry leader in the design and manufacture of highly rugged industrial-grade MEMS variable capacitive accelerometer chips and modules, has announced the global market launch of the model 2466 series. The 2466 series is a family of low-cost industrial grade triaxial universal MEMS capacitive accelerometer modules with eight-pin connector, designed to provide high-precision shock, vibration and acceleration measurements in three orthogonal directions across a broad range of applications. Units are available for pre-order now, with product shipments beginning in January 2013.

Available in eight unique ranges from ±2 to ±400 g, design of the Silicon Designs model 2466 series combines three orthogonally mounted single axis accelerometers within an epoxy sealed anodized aluminum case. The sensors are interchangeable between the Silicon Designs model 2476 and 2480, allowing the 2466 to be used within applications calling for the use of an 8-pin connector, with the ability to use the same cable. The 2466 series also may be used, in most cases, as a drop-in replacement of other industry accelerometers of similar type and performance for up to 40% less cost.  Sensor replacements can be achieved in less than 30 seconds for customer cost savings and convenience with minimal to no downtime.

A combination of vertically integrated in-house manufacturing processes, additive micro machining and integrated circuit technology allows Silicon Designs to produce an exceedingly reliable and rugged MEMS variable capacitive sensor, expressly tailored for zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications. All products are 100% designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in the United States at the company¹s new state-of-the-art facility in Kirkland, Washington.

Unlike many MEMS-based sensors which incorporate passive components, Silicon Designs sensors feature active, self-adjusting components. On-board voltage regulation and an internal voltage reference minimize temperature and voltage changes while eliminating the need for additional external power regulation. Carefully regulated manufacturing processes ensure that each sensor is consistently made to be virtually identical. This also provides test engineers with a quick plug-and-play solution for almost any application, with total confidence in the accuracy of sensors used within published specifications.

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About Silicon Designs, Inc:
Based outside of Seattle in Kirkland, Washington, USA, Silicon Designs was founded in 1983 with the goal of improving the accepted design standard for MEMS capacitive accelerometers.  At that time, industrial-grade accelerometers available on the market were bulky, highly fragile and costly.  The engineering team at Silicon Designs listened to the needs of customers who required more compact, sensitive, rugged and reasonably priced MEMS capacitive modules and chips, yet which also offered higher performance for a lower overall per channel measurement cost.  With the customer¹s expressed feedback in mind, resultant product lines were designed and built to surpass expectations. The company has since grown steadily over the years, though its core competency remains accelerometers, with the philosophy of ³Make it better, stronger, smaller and less expensive² maintained to this day.

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