Quantachrome's Cryocooler Accessory Brings New Temperature Capabilities To Its Gas Sorption Analyzers

Boynton Beach, Florida, January 28, 2013: Quantachrome Instruments has just released its new temperature controlling device for thermostatting gas sorption experiments. Quantachrome's Cryocooler accessory has specially designed sample holders for its manometric sorption analyzers the Autosorb-iQ, the iSorb-HP (and the older Autosorb-1) that ensure the necessary temperature control for demanding and cutting-edge applications such as those intended to benefit the environment.

Gas sorption instruments are used to measure surface area and pore size of industrially useful porous materials and powders, and to investigate sorption capacity of state-of-the-art materials (like carbons, zeolites, metal organic frameworks and others) used for sequestration and storage of greenhouse gases. Such measurements are often done at cryogenic temperatures using liquefied gases such as liquid nitrogen and liquid argon. However today's newest applications benefit from measurements over a range of very different temperatures, not just 77kelvin and 87kelvin (liquid nitrogen and liquid argon respectively). The Cryocooler does not use liquefied gases - which also have the added constraint of their continuous evaporation from their holding dewar thus limiting analysis times. Instead, the Cryocooler uses compressed helium gas (in a closed circulation system) as a refrigerant, similar to the way a household air conditioning unit or fridge works using fluorocarbons. But the Cryocooler can achieve, and control, temperatures as low as 20kelvin (-253 degrees Celsius, -423 degrees Fahrenheit) for low pressure sorption measurements (Autosorb) and as low as 75K for high pressure measurements (iSorb-HP). Possible analysis time is extended almost indefinitely (because there are no liquefied gases to evaporate away) to allow experimentation under conditions simply not available using traditional cryogenic liquids. The Cryocooler actively controls the sample temperature at any value between the low limits above and its maximum of 320K (47 degC).

The new Cryocooler accessory continues Quantachrome's tradition of providing latest generation instruments and capabilities to scientists in the field of researching new and exciting porous materials.

Quantachrome's Autosorb-iQ is a leading gas-sorption instrument in the field of advanced porous materials characterization. Designed and constructed for demanding applications that require high vacuum and full automation. This bench-top unit includes all-important sample preparation stations. It is complemented by an exclusive comprehensive software package that allows state-of-the-art pore size calculations. http://www.quantachrome.com/gassorption/autosorb_iq.html

The iSorb-HP offers high pressure sorption capability, up to 200 bar at both cryogenic and elevated temperatures, and is also a bench-top unit. http://www.quantachrome.com/isorb/isorb.html

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