Corning Expands Microcarrier Product Line for Bioprocess Scale-up

Four new Corning® Microcarriers help simplify processes, increase efficiency, and improve manufacturing results for researchers

CORNING, N.Y., September 16, 2013Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) today announced it has expanded its microcarrier product line for bioprocess scale-up with the addition of four new Corning® Microcarriers for large-scale vaccine and cell therapy manufacturing.

Corning Life Sciences will showcase its latest microcarrier innovations in booth #800 at the upcoming Bioprocess International Conference in Boston, Sept. 16-19.

The four new microcarriers are offered with various surface treatments and coatings to enhance cell attachment, helping maximize cell yield and viability:

  • Corning Synthemax® II Coating. The unique substrate creates a synthetic surface on the microcarriers for stem cell expansion. Low-concentration microcarriers are available for mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) applications. High-concentration microcarriers are available for induced pluripotent and stem cell (iPS/ES) applications.
  • Corning CellBIND®. This surface treatment infuses the surface of the microcarriers with oxygen to improve cell attachment.
  • Positive charge surface treatment.
  • Collagen coating.

“Researchers today are pressed to more efficiently and effectively scale up their bioprocess production,” said Ken Ludwig, business manager, Bioprocess and Cell Therapy, Corning Life Sciences. “These newest Corning advancements build on our existing microcarrier product line and all of our scale-up technologies to provide a more advanced and broader range of options to do just that.”

The latest Corning microcarrier offerings are sterile, ready-to-use, and available as closed-system solutions. They can be used directly with bioreactors, are nonpyrogenic, and are made with USP Class VI polystyrene material to provide a consistent platform for improved results. The new products extend Corning’s ongoing scale-up offerings, joining Corning’s line of CellSTACK® and HYPERStack® scale-up vessels, the full range of spinner flasks, and advanced cell culture media solutions.

Corning Life Sciences will also feature Corning® Mini Bioreactors at the Bioprocess International Conference. Announced in April 2013, the Corning Mini Bioreactors consist of a Corning® 50 mL Centrifuge Tube with a vented cap, and are ideal for high-throughput process optimization for suspension cell culture.

Through acquisition and ongoing investment in research and development, Corning now offers a more comprehensive range of premium, innovative laboratory products, and solutions for a wide spectrum of life science applications. Corning’s trusted, quality brands, backed by technical expertise, provide researchers with better ways to advance their research from the beginning of their process to the end. The family of brands includes Corning®, FALCON®, PYREX®, Costar®, Axygen®, Gosselin™ and Corning cellgro®.

Corning Life Sciences continually brings new and innovative laboratory technologies to researchers worldwide and helps customers succeed by providing innovative, high-quality products and services including polymer science, biochemistry and molecular biology, glass melting and forming, surface modification, and characterization science.

The latest Corning microcarriers are now available in the United States, and will be available beginning this month worldwide. The Corning mini bioreactors are currently available to customers worldwide. To learn more about the new microcarriers for bioprocess scale-up, the Corning Mini Bioreactors, or any Corning Life Sciences products, please contact a customer service representative at 1-800-492-1110, toll free in the United States; (+1) 1-978-442-2200 internationally; or visit

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