KNF Diaphragm Pump Provides Adjustable Vacuum Performance in Lab

Trenton, NJ – April 1, 2014 – KNF Neuberger’s N 920 KT.29P diaphragm vacuum pump provides lab technicians with adjustable vacuum performance, without the need for lubricating oil or recirculating water. The standalone pump provides quiet function with long product life in myriad laboratory applications, ranging from challenging rotary evaporation to simple filtration.

In addition to N 920 KT.29P’s adjustable vacuum performance, it delivers deep end vacuum up to 1.5 Torr, and an exceptional flow rate of 20 L/min. Its superior chemical compatibility makes it ideal for use with a wide variety of solvents.

Finally, this standalone pump thrives in labs with green initiatives, as it provides oil- and water-free operation across its lifetime. Oil-free operation eliminates the need for regular oil changes and disposal of contaminated water and pump oil, and negates on-going maintenance – saving both money and time in the lab.

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About KNF Neuberger

Located in Trenton, NJ, KNF Neuberger, Inc. is a leader in precision air, liquid and gas pumps and systems for the OEM, laboratory and process industries. KNF Lab provides technical expertise and manufacturing leadership to wet chemistry labs across the globe. Products and services span customers’ needs from vacuum systems to rotary evaporation and distillation, vacuum concentration, filtration, degassing apparatuses, gel dryers, ovens and most common laboratory applications requiring vacuum. Developed to thrive in labs with green initiatives, KNF pumps are oil-free and do not require the disposal of spent oil.

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