Praxeon Launches DocumentLens – A Revolution In How Researchers Access And Interact With Information And Colleagues

Keeping up with the flood of scientific information has been challenging...Spotting patterns and extracting useful information has been even harder. DocumentLens™ has just made it easier to gain insightful knowledge from information and to share ideas with collaborators.

BOSTON, MA MONTREAL, QC – June 10, 2011 - Praxeon, Inc., the award-winning Boston-based leader in delivering knowledge solutions for the Healthcare and Life Science communities, today announced the launch of DocumentLens™. Their cloud-based web application helps scientific researchers deal with the ever increasing deluge of online and electronic data and information from peer-reviewed journals, regulatory sites, patents and proprietary sources. DocumentLens provides an easy-to-utilize environment to enrich discovery, enhance idea generation, shorten the investigation time, improve productivity and engage collaboration.

“One of the most challenging problems researchers face is collecting, integrating and understanding new information. Keeping up with peer-reviewed journals, regulatory sites, patents and proprietary sources, even in a single area of research, is time consuming. But failure to keep up with information from many different sources results in knowledge gaps and lost opportunities,” stated Dr. Dennis Underwood, Praxeon CEO.

“DocumentLens is a web-based tool that enables you to ask the research question you want to ask – just as you would ask a colleague,” Underwood went on to say. “You can also dive deeper into research articles, explore the content and ideas using DocumentLens and integrate them with sources that you trust and rely on. DocumentLens takes you not only to the relevant documents, but to the most relevant sections saving an immense amount of time and effort. Our DocumentLens Navigators open up your content, using images and figures, chemistry and important topics. Storylines provide a place to accumulate and share insights with colleagues.”

Praxeon has created, a website devoted to the new application that contains background on the use of the software, the Eye of the Lens blog (, and a live version of DocumentLens™ for visitors to try out free-of-charge to see for themselves firsthand the value of the application.

DocumentLens™ is already being used by a world-leading biotech. In addition, the latest issue of BioIT World features an article on DocumentLens™ and Praxeon written by BioIT World Editor-In-Chief, Kevin Davies (

Kevin Gilpin, CTO and Co-Founder added, “At Praxeon we believe in focusing on the user experience, providing simple user interfaces that are powerful, yet easy to understand. DocumentLens is the culmination of our efforts to develop the next generation of document technology for health and medical research. Our Semantic Fingerprinting™ software delivers unprecedented accuracy and detail by understanding the deeper meaning of health-related searches, and by encouraging users to ask real questions rather than fumbling with keywords. In addition, Praxeon is a pioneer in cloud-based technology, which means that DocumentLens is available anywhere you have an internet connection, it's fast, and it's secure."

“We see DocumentLens as the next generation in how researchers deal with information. In recent years access to information has become easier due to advances in the web technology with the wealth and quantity of information exponentially increasing due to the advent of what I like to call information providers such as Google, electronic scientific journal subscriptions, Twitter, Facebook, etc. What has been missing is a way to sift through this ocean of data and be left with the useful focused bits of knowledge; in essence we have been without a knowledge extractor. DocumentLens is just that! ,’ said Bill Hayden, EVP of Praxeon.

Hayden went on to say, “There is a quote that appears on the DocumentLens homepage by Dr. Beth Anne Baber, CEO and Co-Founder of the Nicholas Conor Institute for Pediatric Cancer Research ( that I feel sums it up best: " DocumentLens takes the RE out of research by allowing our organization to spend less time retrieving, reviewing and revealing useful information and devote more time to the search and development of cures for patients."

About Praxeon
Praxeon is headquartered in Boston. The company’s customers range from consumer & healthcare providers to insurance companies to contract research organizations (CROs) to pharmaceutical & biotech companies.

Their Semantic Fingerprint™ technology, combined with Web 2.0+ tools, helps solve difficult informatics challenges facing drug discovery & development, medicine and healthcare.

DocumentLens™, a web-based portal for scientific researchers, provides a tool that changes the productivity equation and at the same time provides an enhanced collaborative environment where discovery, insights and solutions can be shared.

MyDailyApple and CurbsideMD web-portals deliver valuable information to patients and physicians respectively.

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