Ion Gun Duo for SIMS/SNMS Applications

On-screen virtual interface panel

The two primary Hiden Analytical UHV ion guns for SIMS/SNMS applications – the IG5C and the IG20 - now feature the new Windows PC-based LabView program and control interface which together provide fully integrated control of all ion source, beam steering and internally generated raster scan parameters and additionally enable store and recall of multiple profiling, imaging and sputter-cleaning formats. The on-screen virtual interface panel gives instant access to all of the relevant parameters, with speedy adjustment ensured by the simulated rotary dial.

IG20 Oxygen / Gas Gun

IG5C Caesium Ion Gun

The IG20 ion gun addresses analysis of electro-positive species and is an electron impact gas source system for operation with both oxygen and inert gases, with a beam diameter of just 50 micron. The IG5C system with a caesium surface ionisation source is conceived for measurement of electro-negative species and features a low power thermal-contact ion source with a beam diameter down to only 20 micron.

Ion gun set-up is straightforward with stable operation, and optimum for both the researcher and for routine day-to-day sample analysis. Both guns operate with ion beam energies to 5KV and are configured with integral differential pumping to maintain true UHV integrity throughout the analyses.

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