Moisture analysis system for lyophilized products uses your vials

Metrohm systems allow the direct analysis of the moisture in situ in the vials where samples are lyophilized and stored—preserving the integrity of sample as well as saving time and cost by eliminating the need to transfer the sample prior to analysis.

Our single-sample 860 Karl Fischer Thermoprep and our fully automated 35-sample-capacity 874 Karl Fischer Oven Sample Processor allow for rapid and efficient determination of moisture content.

These systems can also be customized to fit virtually any common lyophilization vial size. In fact, Metrohm is the only brand with customizable oven systems to analyze moisture through Karl Fischer titration.

As is customary with all instruments available through us, the 860 Karl Fischer Thermoprep and 874 Karl Fischer Oven Sample Processor is backed by expert application and service support. For more information on products and services available through Metrohm USA, visit us online at