Cambridge Viscosity Announces New Micro Sample Viscometer: VISCOLab 5000

Cambridge Viscosity’s new VISCOLab 5000 requires only 75 μL of sample for accurate and repeatable results—the smallest sample requirement for any automated viscosity measurement system available. This micro sample viscometer is particularly well suited for life science and pharmaceutical applications such as siRNA , drug development, protein formulation and delivery studies. VISCOLab 5000 has a range of 0.5-100cP, temperature control accuracy of +/- 0.05°C, includes an electrical temperature controlling system, and produces accurate results with little operator involvement.

About Cambridge Viscosity

Cambridge Viscosity, the leader in small sample viscosity systems, provides automated viscometers used in life science applications to optimize product and process performance. Cambridge lab and process viscometers use the same core technology and are fully compliant with ASTM D7483. Cambridge instruments are compact, require small amounts of sample, incorporate temperature sensors and are extremely accurate, repeatable and robust. Cambridge's global reach provides application engineering support and service wherever and whenever needed.

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