BMG LABTECH to Hold a Cell Based Assays Users Group Meeting

Cell based, biologically relevant assays are advancing at an unprecedented rate and their robustness is becoming more essential to everyone working in this field.

BMG LABTECH is holding a Cell Based Assays User Group Meeting on December 6th at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. If you are currently performing cell based assays or are planning to start a new project in this area join us for an afternoon of interesting presentations highlighting new and innovative techniques in this field.

BMG LABTECH invite you and your colleagues to learn more about new and novel cell based assay technologies with a range of academic and commercial speakers who will present on the application of the latest advances in this area. Here you will have the opportunity to meet with other scientists working in your field and hear presentations about methods, techniques and applications of new technologies.   

Speakers from:

  • Luxcel Biosciences
  • CellAura Technologies
  • DiscoveRx
  • Paterson Institute
  • Oxford University

BMG LABTECH will be highlighting the FLUOstar Omega with ACU and the well scanning capabilities of the PHERAstar FS. The FLUOstar Omega and ACU provides a true ‘walk away solution’ for your long term cell based assays, it avoids the need to transfer plates from your incubators to the reader thus saves user intervention time and maintains your experimental conditions by avoiding exposing your cells to the atmosphere. The ACU and Omega combination is good for many cell based assays including migration and proliferation but is especially designed for those assays where hypoxia or ischemia/reperfusion is being investigated. For more information and to register for this event visit: