Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases GRAMS Suite - Version 9.1

The Industry Standard for Managing Spectroscopy Data

PHILADELPHIA (April 17, 2012) – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the latest release in its GRAMS Suite of spectroscopy software, an industry standard solution for visualizing, processing, reporting and managing spectroscopy data. Thermo Scientific GRAMS 9.1 now delivers enhanced capabilities to meet the needs of scientists engaged in a variety of spectroscopic experiments and disciplines.

The GRAMS Suite is comprised of a collection of complementary and fully integrated applications and modules centered on the core GRAMS/AI spectroscopy data processing and reporting software. Its advanced processing routines, data comparison and visualization features as well as its ability to handle data from any analytical instrument have set the industry standard for spectroscopy software. New functionality available with GRAMS 9.1 offers intuitive and simplified workflows to enable scientists to more easily and rapidly access their data and make more informed decisions about the results generated.

GRAMS 9.1 delivers a comprehensive suite of enhancements for managing spectroscopy data:

  • GRAMS IQ is the next-generation solution for visual chemometric modeling. GRAMS IQ provides a simplified visual workflow and model deployment capabilities for quantitative and qualitative analyses.
  • GRAMS Convert allows scientists to automatically find and transform all of the spectra on a hard drive to a standard format.
  • Smart Convert/Import is an interactive import wizard that enables scientists to manage data from more than 180 types of IR, UV-Vis, NMR and LC/GC-MS instruments.
  • GRAMS 9.1 enhanced functionality improves access to data, facilitates collaboration and reduces costs by eliminating the need for multiple vendor software packages and the associated training.
  • GRAMS 9.1 is supported on Microsoft Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit Operating Systems and adds compatibility with more than 30 new instrument data formats.

Due to its broad compatibility with many different instrument data types, GRAMS spectroscopy software is valuable to researchers across the broadest range of industries and academia to help solve some of the most difficult data analysis challenges. GRAMS spectroscopy software is part of a comprehensive portfolio of Thermo Scientific Informatics solutions that deliver enhanced functionality and purpose-built templates for industries around the world, from pharmaceuticals to oil and gas discovery, food processing and food safety, water and wastewater treatment, forensics and biobanking.

“We’re very proud of our long history serving the scientific community with GRAMS spectroscopy software, which for over 20 years has been the premier solution for visualizing, processing and managing spectroscopy data,” said Dave Champagne, vice president and general manager for Thermo Fisher’s Informatics business. “Because GRAMS is compatible with so many different instrument data types, researchers across the broadest range of industries have relied on the GRAMS Suite to solve some of their most difficult data analysis problems and have realized increased productivity, enhanced data access and more opportunities for collaboration.”

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