Potent Cancer Fighting Cocktail Derived from 6 Common Foods

Researchers at LSU’s Health Sciences Center New Orleans and Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center have discovered that a potent cocktail of 6 natural compounds killed 100% of a sample of breast cancer cells, without negative side effects on normal cells. The 6 compounds that were investigated curcumin (turmeric), isoflavone (soybeans), Indo-3-Carbinol (cruciferous plants), c-phycocyanin (spirulina), resveratrol (grapes), quercetin (fruits, vegetables, and teas).

"One of the primary causes of both the recurrence of breast cancer and deaths is a small group of cancer stem cells that evade therapy," notes Dr. Raj, a key investigator from Protegene Corporation. "These, often multi-drug-resistant, cells have the ability to generate new tumors, so it is critically important to develop new approaches to more effective and safer treatment or prevention of breast cancer."

Their research determined that the compounds were ineffective by themselves. However, when combined, the cocktail suppressed breast cancer cell growth by more than 80%, inhibited metastasis while promoting cell cycle arrest, and triggered apoptosis of 100% of the breast cancer cells in the sample.