Biospec Releases Upgraded Mini-BeadBeater-Plus for Optimized Cell Disruption

Biospec has announced the release of their newly upgraded Mini-BeadBeater- Plus™ high-energy bead-mill. Developed to agitate up to a half gram of biological material sealed in a 2 ml microcentrifuge vial. Vials contain glass, zirconia or steel beads and the appropriate extraction media. The grinding action of the beads will deliver the disruption of biological tissue in 5-90 seconds.

A new design feature includes a brushless motor and duel 115/230 VAC compatibility. All tissue agitation occurs inside the sealed microvials, eliminating cross-contamination risk. Unlike other cell lysis methods, there is no required clean-up steps between samples. Dry or solid brittle sample types acceptable to perform agitation are teeth, bone, hair, seeds, and minerals. These samples require heavier steel beads and special breakage-resistant microvials in their protocols. All protocols developed with the Mini-BeadBeater-Puls are transferable to larger MiniBeadBeater models.