Hach WIMSTM, Version 7.3 Now Available

Loveland, Colo. – A new version of Hach (www.Hach.com) Water Information Management SolutionsTM (WIMSTM), Version 7.3, was released on May 1st, 2012. Hach WIMSTM is a software platform specifically designed for water and wastewater utilities, providing easy access and visibility to data from many disparate sources for reporting, analysis and monitoring.

Hach WIMSTM, Version 7.3 introduces many new features including: support for WIMSTM online using on the Apple® iPad® mobile device, easy report generation with six new built-in “one click” reports, support of the MS SQL Server 2012 Express 10GB database, 20 new or enhanced regulatory templates for water and wastewater compliance reporting and enhanced printer and data entry functions.

The six new built-in “one click” reports include: Hach Basic Data Statistics report, Hach Full Statistics report, Hach Daily report, Hach Influent Flow report, Hach Variables With No Data report and the Hach User Activity Report.

New customers will automatically receive the latest released version. Existing customers on support are able to download the update from the customer support portal. Hach WIMSTM, Version 7.3 is available now by contacting [email protected] or 1-800-677-0067.

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