Choosing the Right Oligonucleotide Modification for Your Needs

CORALVILLE, IA – 15th May 2012 – Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the world leader in oligonucleotide synthesis, provides a guide to choosing the right oligonucleotide modification in this quarter’s edition of the company’s DECODED newsletter. As IDT offers hundreds of useful modifications for oligonucleotides, choosing the appropriate one for your work can be confusing. The article provides insightful information to help when choosing the right modification, including a detailed list of the modification categories. These have been determined depending on the required function and include phosphorylations, attachment chemistry/linkers, fluorophores and dark quenchers, spacer, modified bases, and phosphorothioate bonds.

You can read the guide in the latest issue of IDT’s quarterly newsletter, DECODED. For more information about IDT’s complete product portfolio, and to sign up to receive DECODED, visit For real-time news and updates, follow us on Twitter @idtdna.

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