Accurately Evaluate the Mucoadhesion of Tablets and Capsules

May 25, 2012 - Middleboro, MA – Brookfield Engineering Laboratories now offers the TA-MA Mucoadhesion Test Fixture for use by the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The CT3 Tester with the Mucoadhesion Test Fixture gives a technician the ability to accurately evaluate the mucoadhesion of tablets and capsules to the stomach wall and the intestinal lining in humans and animals. This ultimately results in being able to verify the delivery of the proper dosage for each patient. Brookfield works closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop the testing methodology required to achieve consistent test results.

TA-MA Mucoadhesion Test Fixture for the Brookfield CT3 Tester

The Brookfield CT3 Tester is the best value in a stand-alone instrument for physical testing. It combines simplicity of operation with expanded test method capability and operates in both compression and tension modes. Texture Pro Software offers a range of test modes enabling the technician to automatically generate analytical data comparable to other more costly systems.

Brookfield offers over a dozen test fixtures specifically designed for customers in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and is constantly developing new accessories in response to customer needs.

For additional information about Brookfield’s CT3 Tester and the TA-MA Mucoadhesion Test Fixture, visit or call 800.628.8139 or 508.946.6200.