Oversubscribed OGT workshop at ESHG 2012 now available online

Oxford, UK – 17 July 2012. Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), provider of innovative clinical genetics and diagnostic solutions to advance molecular medicine, recently hosted a standing-room-only workshop at the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) 2012 conference in Nürnberg, Germany (June 23-26). The 200 attendees who managed to secure a place at the event enjoyed talks from international experts discussing the use of arrays and next generation sequencing (NGS) to identify causative mutations in cancer and rare disease samples. Due to the popularity of the workshop, OGT has now made the recording of the sequencing presentation from the event freely available to view by visiting the OGT website.

Among those speaking were Dr Dan Swan, a Senior NGS Computational Biologist at OGT, and Professor Jacqueline Schoumans, head of the Cancer Cytogenetic Unit in Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland. Dr Swan presented data produced during recent customer collaborations utilising OGT’s Genefficiency™ Targeted Sequencing Service, which is designed to facilitate the rapid interpretation of vast NGS datasets. Results are presented in an intuitive, filtered report, with links to relevant external databases that provide in-depth information on each variant. The workshop also provided the first taste of OGT’s upcoming Genefficiency™ RNA-Seq Service, which is currently open to early access customers wishing to enjoy the same level of meaningful data analysis provided by OGT’s Targeted Sequencing Service. Contact OGT for more information.

At the same workshop, Professor Schoumans discussed her team’s recently published1 study comparing the performance of several array platforms. The results led to the group’s collaboration with OGT, and the subsequent development of a new, optimised array for investigating genomic variation in haematological and solid cancers. By combining OGT’s proprietary copy number and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) probe technology, the array provides highly sensitive detection of a wide range of variants, and will soon be available via OGT’s CytoSure™ range of cytogenetic analysis products. An interview with Professor Schoumans regarding her research and choice of array platform, conducted at ESHG by Justin Petrone for GenomeWeb, is freely available to download from OGT’s website.

To view the sequencing presentation or to read the interview with Professor Schoumans, please visit www.ogt.co.uk/eshg2012.


  1. Simons, A. et al (2012) Genome-wide arrays in routine diagnosis of hematological malignancies. Human Mutation, 33, 941-948

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