Introducing Silicon Passivated Scott™ Brand Regulators

Setting new standards for accuracy and efficiency when analyzing down to parts-per-billion

Plumsteadville, PA-Offered exclusively from Air Liquide, these ultra-compact single and two-stage regulators set new industry standards when working with reactive or corrosive gas mixtures containing low concentrations.

Patented SilcoNert® 2000 surface treatment is more powerful than any other passivation process on the market (look for the rainbow surface coloration). SilcoNert makes surfaces one hundred times more inert than untreated 316L stainless steel. Adsorption of reactive or corrosive gases is virtually eliminated.

Regardless of application, analytical processes can be more precisely controlled. Sample cycle times are shortened, instruments can be calibrated more accurately-yielding significant savings in time, labor and materials.

Extremely compact design makes these unique Scott brand regulators easier to handle and results in low internal volume as well as short internal gas paths. This shortens cycle and purge times allowing the user to work more efficiently while reducing consumption of costly specialty gas.

Benefits and Features

  • SilcoNert 2000 treatment eliminates adsorption of reactive gases for unsurpassed analytical accuracy
  • Regulators are in stock for immediate shipping-no long lead times as with other silicon passivated regulators on the market
  • A "must use" when analyzing for parts-per-billion levels of organo-sulfur compounds
  • Low internal regulator volume shortens sampling cycle and purge times-saves gas too!
  • Treated, convoluted metal diaphragm further eliminates possibility of adsorption
  • Extremely compact and lightweight design permits easier handling
  • SilcoNert 2000 treated fittings and valves also available for adsorption-free gas handling

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