Milling Api Slurries Made Easy With The Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier And Quadro® Hv Wet Mill

January 7, 2013: The Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier and Quadro® HV Wet Mill are both used extensively in the Food, Personal Care and Chemical process industries for high shear processing of emulsions, suspensions, and many semi-solid liquid products. In the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Z Emulsifier and HV are employed as slurry "wet mills" for particle size reduction of API's in suspension to the required size range. The Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier and Quadro® HV can also be employed in a pharmaceutical milling suite as a pre-milling device, to improve the milling efficiency of downstream milling equipment, reduce process time or the number of passes in a media mill or other high energy operation.

Quadro's Z Emulsifier and HV Mills house rotor-stator technology. Rotor-stator tooling consists of multiple rows of overlapping, slotted teeth with a very fine shear gap, operating at high rpm. As an API slurry flows through the tooling, it is rapidly accelerated and processed tangentially/ radially through the tooling, resulting in particle and/or droplet fracturing. The desired particle size range for an API material/slurry is achieved by adjusting the parameters of the rotor and stator slot width, number of shear slots, number of stages, tip speed, flow rate, back pressure and in some applications, number of turnovers.

Quadro equipment, from laboratory to production scale, is proven to provide repeatable and reproducible scale-up results, can achieve tip speeds up to 70 m/s and can, with minimal investment, be integrated as part of a pharmaceutical processing suite. Exact savings and improvements to a process can be obtained via product testing at Quadro's R&D Test Center, or via our Rental Program.

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