Sierra Showcases Online Flow Meter Solutions at Pittcon

MONTEREY, CA ‹ March 11, 2013 ‹ Sierra Instruments, a global leading manufacturer of mass flow meters and controllers, announces today that they will showcase their mass flow meter and mass flow controller online store at the Pittcon Expo 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By harnessing the emerging e-commerce trend for selling customized instrumentation online, Sierra¹s online store offers researchers and scientists a wide range of customized and calibrated in stock gas flow measurement and control solutions for any application or budgetary requirement.

With the largest, factory-direct in stock scientific mass flow meter and controller selection on the market, scientists can purchase their flow instrumentation on Sierra¹s online storewith fast next day shipping and no expedite fees. Sierra¹s proprietary selection tool allows customers to easily configure and purchase a customized instrument online without loss of delivery time. Since customers are buying flow instrumentation products online directly from the factory, not a third party online catalogue house, customers have instant access to a global network of Sierra flow experts for help with any application and a lifetime service guarantee.

We are thrilled to offer scientists the convenience and speed of ordering in stock mass flow meters and controllers online, while still supporting our customers through factory-direct expertise and local support through our global network of Sierra flow experts. It¹s the ideal customer service hybrid for selling customized instrumentation online-ease of ordering, deliver speed, and full-service engineering support.² says, Erica Giannini, Sierra¹s Online Sales Director.

Sierra provides a wide range of scientific instruments for any application or budgetary need. With a selection of premium instruments with flow rates up to 1000 slpm that are ideal for laboratory, chromatography, and research & development applications. Flow meters and controllers are available for any gas and any output signal, with digital communications and a variety of cable options. Sierra also offers a selection of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters for measurement of liquids, flow switches, and light industrial flow meters on its flow meter store site. Pittcon visitors to Sierra¹s booth (#829) will receive a special show discount coupon for all online purchases. Offer valid through March 28, 2013.

Visit Sierra¹s Pittcon booth 829 to check to get a tour of our online store, order products right on the floor, and receive our discount coupon.

Visit to view all online product offerings today.

About Sierra

A global leader in flow measurement and control for over 40 years, Sierra instruments designs and manufactures high performance flow instrumentation for gas, liquid and steam applications commonly found in the pharmaceutical, scientific research, health, energy and semi-conductor industries. With over 150 offices in 50 countries, Sierra is uniquely positioned to provide their innovative products and lifetime support for the leading companies of today and the growth enterprises of tomorrow.