L.B. Bohle Showcases High-Efficiency BRC 100 Dry Granulator? for First Time in the U.S. at INTERPHEX 2013

Register for the BRC 100 webinar on April 11, and then see it at booth 2641

WARMINSTER, Pa. (March 25, 2013) — L.B. Bohle, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency pharmaceutical processing and handling equipment, will launch its BRC 100 dry granulator to U.S. audiences at INTERPHEX 2013. The company will display the BRC 100 at booth 2641, April 23-25 at the Javits Center, New York.

Dry granulation is now often the process of choice for large-volume or moisture-sensitive pharmaceutical products. The BRC 100 enables high-production capacity with minimal material loss. This is achieved through fast and precise control of the compaction force with a new electromechanical spindle drive for the two rollers.

The BRC 100 achieves ribbon granulation with the Bohle Turbo Sieve (BTS 200). The conical sieve allows gentle particle size reduction at low sieve speeds, which is also applicable at high material throughputs. A variety of different sieve types make the BRC 100 flexible for different product and ribbon properties. Additionally, constant ribbon properties are assured over a wide production range (up to 400 kg/hr, product dependent).

Prior to INTERPHEX on April 11, Dejan Djuric, Ph.D., L.B. Bohle’s manager of scientific operations, will present a one-hour webinar on dry granulation and the BRC 100. Titled “Equipment Considerations for Continuous Dry Granulation,” the webinar will cover the theory of dry granulation, review roller compactor designs, and feature a case study on the BRC 100’s processing capabilities. To register for the webinar, visit http://www.interphex.com/en/Education/Webinar-Series.

At INTERPHEX, L.B. Bohle’s pharmaceutical processing experts will also be available to discuss continuous improvement for granulation and tablet coating. Continuous improvements to these processing technologies help to significantly reduce production costs, minimize intermediate storage, and avoid costly in-process controls. L.B. Bohle’s specialists will discuss how improvements in equipment and processes will move pharmaceutical manufacturers closer to achieving these goals.

To schedule an interview with one of L.B. Bohle’s pharmaceutical processing experts at INTERPHEX, contact Brian Courtney at [email protected] or (610) 269-2100, ext. 249.

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