JPK announces the 5th NanoBioVIEWS International Symposium on the application of Optical Tweezers in Life Sciences

Berlin, 9th April 2013: JPK Instruments, a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter, are happy to announce that registration is now open for the fifth international symposium on the applications of optical tweezers and related technologies in the life sciences.

The audience at the last Optical Tweezers Symposium

The symposium will be held on the 18th June 2013 in Berlin at the popular venue of the Palisa De/Umspannwerk Ost. This series of meetings continue to be highly regarded on the international life sciences meetings calendar with more than 100 scientists from around the world expected to come to Berlin to discuss their results and share scientific knowledge in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

NanoBioVIEWS™ is the name of a series of international meetings initiated by JPK Instruments to further the scientific knowledge exchange on instrumentation and applications of nanotechnology in the life sciences.

The scope of this symposium covers the applications of optical tweezers technology to areas including biophysical, biochemical and medical research to stimulate fruitful discussions between the research groups of the technique. Leaders in the field together with novices are encouraged to attend and learn from one another, discuss the presentations and share their experiences in a convivial atmosphere.

Participants are invited to present posters about their current research. A panel of judges made up of the invited speakers will award prizes to the authors of the top three posters.

Optical tweezers systems have traditionally been built by researchers with a physics or instrumentation background. The potential of using the technique is not in question but for the biologist or chemist who wishes to use the technique for research, they need to understand what is possible with the technology. The keynote presentations of the symposium, given by speakers from Japan, Canada and Europe, will aim to answer such questions through the sharing of their experiences in applying and using optical tweezers in biophysical and biological research.

JPK's CTO, Torsten Jähnke, comments on this year's meeting: "We are pleased to see another exciting group of speakers from all over the world coming to Berlin and lead our fifth symposium on optical tweezers technology. With the recent launch of our NanoTracker®2 second-generation platform for optical tweezers, we see this as a great opportunity to learn how leading researchers have applied this technique and what potentially remains to be discovered."

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