Extended Mass Spec Imaging Services Now Available

Protea Biosciences, a leading developer of innovative bioanalytical products and services, announced today the release of an extended mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) service offering from the Mass Spec Imaging Center (MSIC™). This new service portfolio offers advanced MSI services using Protea’s proprietary LAESI DP-1000 Direct Ionization System as well as MALDI (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization) mass spectrometry for a wide variety of sample types and applications.

“This new portfolio of services offers researchers an opportunity to ‘detect’ where their molecules of interest reside in a biological matrix,” said Alessandro Baldi PhD, Protea’s Vice President and General Manager. “This spatial information offers critical insight for researchers working in the fields like metabolomics, biomarker discovery, drug discovery, and histopathology.”

To highlight this extended service portfolio, Protea announced a Spring Webinar Series, which discusses various applications and technologies for mass spectrometric imaging. These webinars cover topics ranging from biomarker discovery to drug distribution profiling and in vivo applications using the LAESI technology.

The MSIC also serves as a demonstration and training facility to help researchers learn more about mass spectrometry imaging using the tools and techniques developed at Protea.

For complete details on the Protea MSIC and the Spring Webinars, go to: https://proteabio.com/imaging

Protea is a leader in the field of bioanalytics – the identification and characterization of proteins, metabolites, and other biomolecules, which are the products of all living cells and life forms – technology that is foundational for all pharmaceutical and life science research.

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