Bruker Launches IMPACT HD Mass Spec Providing Exceptional Proteomic Results

Bruker Enables Sensational New Proteomics Results using new IMPACT HD Mass Spectrometer with Novel CaptiveSpray nanoBooster Ion Source

Bruker's IMPACT HD sets a new scientific benchmark of well over 8000 protein identifications from whole-proteome analysis, a record-breaking insight into trace species in complex biological samples.

Minneapolis, Minnesota June 10, 2013 - At the 61st ASMS conference, Bruker introduces exciting new High-Definition capabilities in proteomics and biomarker research. Patented low-noise Captivespray nanoBooster ionization coupled with record high-speed digitization Qq-TOF technology and steered by intelligent acquisition software defines complex samples more sharply than ever before.

The novel High-Definition accurate mass spectrometer, impact HD is the latest innovation in Bruker¹s UHR-TOF product line. It opens up enhanced analytical performance levels for all applications where trace analysis from complex, high-background matrices is challenge ­ such as biomarker research, identification of impurities or residue screening. Thanks to extreme sensitivity broad mass-transfer ion optics and fastest ever 50Gbit/sec sampling technology a dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude is achieved in one second of LC time. Wide dynamic range at high speed is a prerequisite for high-resolution detection of low-abundance compounds in sharp UHPLC peaks and permits direct quantitation without re-run.

The HD performance is directed by unique intelligent self-optimizing Instant Expertise software. MSMS acquisition parameters are dynamically adapted precisely to the incident sample, independent of sample amount or complexity, translating directly into higher productivity and expert-caliber results first time.

Bruker also introduces the CaptiveSpray nanoBooster which complements all Bruker LCMS instruments for new performance levels in proteomics and glycoanalysis. The new version of Bruker¹s established CaptiveSpray source employs a novel dopant-enriched gas ionization environment to boost sensitivity, enhance charge state and reduce background noise to drive up protein ID rates significantly. The ability to engineer enhanced charge state is especially beneficial on Bruker¹s amazon ETD ion trap in the structural analysis of glycopeptides by ETD.

The features ensure IMPACT HD delivers the fastest time-to-success for customers across a broad applications portfolio ranging from small molecule identification and characterization; food, forensic and environmental screening, metabolomics, proteomics to antibody analysis.

"Dynamic range really means something in your proteomics analysis when it can genuinely be delivered at UHPLC speeds" commented Carsten Baessmann Head of Applications Development "today we¹re showing in a proteomics sample more than 8440 proteins at a false discovery rate (FDR) of better than 1% are identified from a combined 2D LC separation experiment with a CaptiveSpray nanoBooster - impact HD system."


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