HORIBA Launches ParticleFinder Raman Software

June 2013: HORIBA Scientific, a leading innovator in the manufacture of high performance scientific and analytical equipment, is announcing the launch of their new ParticleFinder module for the LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite.

In combination with the full range of HORIBA Raman microscopes ParticleFinder brings a new level of automation and ease of use for particle analysts who require the unique chemical characterization tools that Raman can offer. It is ideally suited for locating and identifying pharmaceutical materials, trace forensic evidence, geological rock/mineral particles, and airborne contaminants trapped on filters – indeed, any particulate matter where automated molecular analysis is key.

The simple work-flow inspired interface for the ParticleFinder module leads the analyst through the process of locating particles, generating size/shape statistics, selecting candidate particles based on size/shape parameters, and finally acquiring Raman spectra. The high level automation will positively impact laboratory efficiency, offering full particle results at the touch of a button.

ParticleFinder exploits the full analytical capabilities of HORIBA’s Raman systems, from the compact “one click” concept XploRA ONE system through to the versatile LabRAM HR Evolution with options for specialist analytical capabilities where samples require.

LabSpec 6 is simple, yet powerful software, which allows researchers to handle advanced analytical functionalities, in multi-user environments without needing to learn the intricacies of a new software platform. ParticleFinder adds to its capabilities, in a easily accessible add-on module.

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