Digital Imaging Systems for Defence Research

Specialised Imaging has announced a new issue of its informative catalogue - 'High Speed Framing Cameras for Scientific Research'.

24th JUNE 2013: High speed digital framing cameras, which provide high resolution results and rapid data analysis, have over the last 10 years largely replaced high speed still and film cameras. Modern cameras, such as the SIM, Kirana, SIR3, and Trajectory Tracker from Specialised Imaging, offer much more flexibility and capability for imaging external, terminal ballistics and other defence related applications. The parallel growth in demand for complex and sophisticated data analysis has resulted in rapid advances in imaging technology to give higher resolution and better quality images.

Available in hard copy or as an electronic (pdf) document (from ( - request product documentation) the new catalogue provides descriptions, photographs, key technical features, target applications and typical results from each of Specialised Imaging's comprehensive range of high speed digital imaging. Described products include the Tracker2 video tracking system, SIR3 and SIR2 ballistic range cameras, SIM-X and SIM-D multi-channel framing cameras, Kirana Ultra-high-speed video camera, SIL2 Image Intensifier and the TCam Digital shadowgraph camera.

For further information please contact Specialised Imaging on +44-1442-827728 / +1-951-296-6406 or [email protected].

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