Blog Submission Guidelines

American Laboratory invites you to submit a blog post. Blogs are an alternative channel for providing our subscribers and visitors with new, engaging, and timely information. As a guest blogger, you have the flexibility to express your views and share your knowledge, provided that the blog content is unique and current.

American Laboratory is intended for those who have a professional interest in the application of modern scientific instrumentation for the practice of analytical/bioanalytical chemistry and applied spectroscopy in basic research, environmental research, the life sciences, pharmaceuticals, forensics, clinical diagnostics, food quality and safety, and materials science.


  • Use a compelling title—include power words like “secrets,” “discover,” “free” (also see “Useful tips” below)
  • Speak to your target audience and user base—tackle a real problem that’s relevant to them
  • Be yourself—a personal and casual voice is acceptable
  • Be considerate and accurate
  • Keep information useful and concise
  • Provide new and interesting content (without branding)
  • Use humor where appropriate
  • Encourage feedback—ask questions that are creative and thought-provoking
  • Do not use information that is posted elsewhere


  • Latest news and updates
  • Current issues in the lab or market
  • Upcoming trends
  • Industry highlights
  • Useful tips (numbered lists; i.e., “Five Best Ways to ….”/“Top 3 Apps for Your iPad”)


  • We will credit you and your company, and link to your products/website.
  • We retain the option to copyedit and adjust the tone to better reflect our editorial style.