Pro-curo Software Offers Labs Package Solutions to Track Any Volume of Samples from 10 to 100 Million

12 August 2013: West Sussex, UK: Pro-curo Software Ltd. provides a range of software packages to fulfil the tracking requirements of small, medium and large life science laboratories. When working with Pro-curo, purchasers can select the package that meets their exact requirements. For smaller labs especially, this avoids the common problem of having to invest in systems that are larger than required with features that are not relevant to their needs.

Different versions of Pro-curo software are available.

Pro-curo solutions start with Pro-curo Lite, designed for small research groups and laboratories storing just a few samples. At the other end of the spectrum, Pro-curo Enterprise addresses medium to large institutions, universities and hospital departments storing up to 100,000,000 samples in any number of locations. Pro-curo Enterprise has a true multi-user database structure incorporating many higher level features.

Investing in tracking solutions not suited to the lab’s requirements has both financial outlay and security implications, where users may otherwise apply cost-saving measures such as using shared logins. By offering real choice and flexibility, Pro-curo ensures that users get exactly what they need from their tracking systems, with no additional costs or complications. For example, Pro-curo software allows laboratories to add as many researchers and departments as needed, whereas many larger systems charge for each additional user.

In addition to accommodating all sizes of laboratory, Pro-curo Software Ltd’s tracking and reporting solution is the most comprehensive possible, and can be used alongside a variety of existing systems and across a range of laboratory types. Pro-curo software can track samples from multiple research projects, with functions to remotely book samples in and out. Every Pro-curo software user has complete access to the company’s 24- hour customer support system for round-the-clock security.

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About Pro-curo Software Ltd

Established as a standalone company in January 2012, Pro-curo Software Ltd is a supplier of sample inventory and tracking software for life science markets. The Pro-curo software was originally exclusively resold through Brady Corporation, a major manufacturer of advanced labelling technologies. The company has a high focus on providing technical support to users via a telephone help-desk and various online channels.

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