2D Code Reader Offers Unmatched Data Integrity

August 19, 2013: Micronic has announced the launch of the new Tracxer Code Reader TS201 - an attractively designed product for reading the 2D Data-Matrix codes of single 24-, 48- and 96-well format sample storage tubes.

Incorporating proprietary 'keyboard wedge' functionality the Tracxer Code Reader TS201 is able to automatically scan and decode any 2D Data-Matrix code making this code reader adaptable to almost any application. Using the keyboard wedge high-end decoding engine ensures that the 2D decoding process is highly reliable thereby producing unmatched data integrity. As a plug-and-play device the Tracxer Code Reader TS201 requires no software installations and is very easy-to-use. Designed to increase your productivity - scanning and decoding a tube takes less than one second. An integral light assists easy and unambiguous sample identification.

The compact (26cm x 13cm x 17cm), robust and stable design of the Tracxer Code Reader TS201 combined with affordable pricing makes it an ideal choice for any laboratory / storage facility requiring high integrity scanning of 2D Data-Matrix coded storage tubes.

For further information or to book a demonstration of the Tracxer Code Reader TS201 please contact Micronic Europe B.V. (Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania) now on +31-320-277070 / email [email protected] or Micronic America LLC (North, Central and South America) on +1-484-480-3372.

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