Bruker EVOQ Enjoys Triple Award Winning Summer

12 September 2013: Bruker Chemical and Applied Markets (CAM), Fremont, California, US: Bruker collected an outstanding total of three awards this summer for the EVOQ triple quadrupole liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (LC-MS TQ). Bruker was recognized by two readers’ choice awards from Laboratory Equipment, first for the EVOQ in the liquid chromatography systems category, and secondly for the accompanying PACER software in the software category. EVOQ was further commended with a Bronze Award in the analytical instrument category of the IBO Design Awards.

Bruker’s EVOQ (LC-MS) TQ and revolutionary PACER software pick up three awards at this year’s Laboratory Equipment Readers’ Choice Awards and IBO Design Awards

Rohan Thakur, Senior Vice President Sales and Service of Bruker CAM Division explained, “We are thrilled to have collected three awards this year. We really believe that the EVOQ range, coupled with PACER software, can have a huge impact on laboratory productivity, and it is great that this has been recognized by laboratories themselves.” He continued, “Bruker CAM has worked exceptionally hard to delve into what makes our customers’ lives easier, and by exploring this we have been able to utilize innovations such as Vacuum-Insulated Probe -HESI and Active Exhaust to produce not only sensitive and robust hardware, but time-saving software too.”

Introduced to the market just last year, Bruker’s EVOQ triple quadrupole liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) TQ range has had roaring success across a variety of applications. With the high performance Qube and ultra-sensitive Elite, designed for maximum sensitivity in high throughput applications, the EVOQ range is now a market leader in several applications in industries including food and environmental testing, toxicology and clinical research.. The most recent addition to the EVOQ family has been the Elite ER, with an extended 2,000 m/z mass range. Innovations, including the industry’s very first Vacuum-Insulated Probe Heated Electrospray (VIP-HESI), Active Exhaust and Orifice Interface, give the EVOQ unrivalled sensitivity and robustness, earning the EVOQ the iconic title ‘The Game Changer’.

Bruker’s revolutionary exception-based data review software PACER partners the EVOQ. Significantly reducing the error rate for quantitative analysis, it flags samples failing to meet pre-set method criteria leaving analysts to focus on problem areas. Instantly increasing efficiency by eliminating unproductive time without loss of data quality, Bruker’s PACER software matches the hardware advances of the EVOQ, leading to the fastest sample-to-report time. PACER maximizes productivity and reliability for laboratories involved in the business of quantitation.

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