ChromaTOF-GC 4.40 Now Available

St. Joseph, Mich.—LECO Corporation has introduced ChromaTOF®-GC 4.40 for its separation science instruments. This LECO-exclusive software system integrates acquisition, data processing, and reporting tools into one total solution.

ChromaTOF-GC 4.40 includes the tools for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11—the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations on the storage and management of electronic records—through three separate software additions (User Permissions, Electronic Signatures, and Audit Trail). 21 CFR compliance is required in many FDA-regulated industries, including pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers.

ChromaTOF-GC 4.40 also includes the same functionality and time-saving features of previous software versions—including True Signal Deconvolution®, Automated Peak Find, semi-quantitation, SCRIPTS, and EPA reporting tools.

ChromaTOF-GC 4.40 is standard with any new Pegasus® HT GCMS, Pegasus 4D GCxGC-MS, TruTOF® HT GCMS, or GCxGC instrument. Upgrades for existing versions are also available.

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