New Literature Demonstrates How Imaging Particle Analysis Reveals Microorganisms In Water

Algal Cell Images, Schematics, Screen Shots Offer Technology Walk-Through

Yarmouth, ME, USA: New literature from particle imaging and analysis instrumentation manufacturer Fluid Imaging Technologies, Yarmouth, Maine ( demonstrates how imaging particle analysis techniques using instrumentation such as the company’s FlowCAM® automatically detect, differentiate and identify waterborne microorganisms in a sample of fresh, ocean or estuarine water. Showcasing actual cell images and screen shots with detailed instrumentation schematics and specifications, the new literature provides a step-by-step walk-through explaining how imaging particle analysis operates and how its abilities compare to other water analysis techniques such as manual microscopy and flow cytometry. Imaging particle analysis combines both the high-resolution imaging capability of a microscope and the high speed, automated operation of a flow cytometer with the advanced ability to measure microorganisms based on morphological and gray-scale discrimination for more precise, reliable and statistically significant data.

Developed for water engineers, lab managers, oceanographers, research scientists, and other water professionals, the in-depth literature highlights an actual test performed on the FlowCAM that reveals how imaging particle analysis is used to identify algal cells in a water sample. Multiple screen shots featuring dozens of different algal cells along with a series of scattergrams and graphs illustrate how the FlowCAM excites the cells’ natural fluorescence to automatically detect, measure, characterize and identify each individual algal cell in real-time, even when part of a heterogeneous sample as sparse as one particle per mL. The literature also describes the use of statistical pattern recognition for automatically classifying microorganisms with sophisticated software such as the company’s VisualSpreadsheet©, a companion to the FlowCAM particle imaging and analysis system.

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