T/MIP allies with Technology Business Consulting (TBC) to expand sales, marketing, and IP services

(June 15, 2011 – Dallas, TX). Reflecting current trends in sales and marketing alignment, The Microscopy & Imaging Place (T/MIP) and Technology Business Consulting (TBC) have entered into a strategic relationship. The new affiliation dramatically expands sales development, analytics, and CRM services for T/MIP clients.

According to T/MIP President and Chief Strategic consultant, Barbara Foster, “TBC’s President, Tom Levesque, has a magic touch for creating and maintaining global sales channels which strongly complements our existing market research, business development, and go-to-market programs. He understands what it takes to support high-tech instrument sales and has the contact base to build effective sales networks for our clients, from identifying the right dealer to negotiating sales agreements, providing product and sales training, and structuring strategic sales plans and CRM programs. In turn, we look forward to supplying the marketing components to make his channels successful.”

Mr. Levesque’s extensive experience with intellectual property portfolios adds further depth to existing T/MIP services in this area. His years of service on NanoInk’s IP panel equipped him well to assess value, determine suitability for licensing, and even recommend the status of freedom to operate in new areas, making him a valuable addition to the T/MIP consulting team.

About The Microscopy & Imaging Place (T/MIP):

The Microscopy & Imaging Place is a unique full service business development firm which bends the curve toward faster revenue and business development. Our focus: microscopy, spectroscopy, and related imaging. Our services: tools and programs for strategic planning, early-stage market research, new technology commercialization and launches, new-market development, and Sales 2.0 to take your company to market faster, more effectively, and economically. In addition to being valued advisors for business plan construction and funding preparation, we specialize in structuring US business for overseas companies. Contact: Barbara Foster, [email protected] P:(972)924-5310

About Technology Business Consulting(TBC)

Founded in 2010, Technology Business Consulting is helping to enhance the delivery of solutions offered by high tech companies.  Whether the company has a novel instrument or provides a new service, distilling a clear message to describe the value of the companies' offerings better positions our clients for profitable growth of their business. Our strengths extend to sales channel development and maintenance, IP analysis. TBC provides senior-level strategic planning and execution to developing companies at a fraction of equivalent full-time, internalcosts.Contact:TomLevesque, [email protected],P: (972) 318-0196 office

Contact: Barbara Foster
The Microscopy & Imaging Place, Inc.
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