Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Predict Volcanic Activity

A new application report, available from FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions, provides an insight into how researchers around the world are using FLIR thermal imaging cameras to conduct research into various aspects of volcanic activity.

Volcanoes are arguably the world's most impressive heat related phenomena. Volcanic processes are intriguing and potentially extremely destructive. This new applications report shows how FLIR SC660 and SC655 thermal imaging cameras are being used by researchers to not only see volcanic heat, but also to get non contact temperature readings from a safe distance, which keeps the researchers out of harm's way.

Although predicting volcanic activity is becoming more reliable, many volcanic phenomena are still highly unpredictable. Examples of FLIR thermal imaging cameras being used to safely investigate dangerous phenomena including determining the ascent path of hydrothermal fluids, volcanic crust movement and predicting degassing sites of volcano's exhibiting fumarolic* activity are presented.

The report concludes not only can thermal imaging cameras be used to measure and map active lava flows and to detect new cracks where hot gases escape, but they can provide extensive analysis of the surface temperature bringing researchers a step closer to understanding the mechanics behind volcanic phenomena. Understanding the mechanics behind volcanic incidents will help to improve volcanic warning systems which will in turn help to save lives.

A copy of this applications report is available to download or can be obtained by contacting FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions on telephone +33 1 6037 0100 / email [email protected].

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* Fumarolic activity is a volcanic phenomenon where pressurized fluids, mostly water and CO2, heated up by volcanic warmth change into gas extremely quickly, often leading to devastating gas explosions.

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