Eppendorf PiezoXpert® – A Giant Leap for Piezo-assisted Micromanipulation

The Eppendorf PiezoXpert® is designed for piezo-assisted manipulation or microinjection techniques. Digital programmable parameter setting allows the user to perforate cell membranes with the utmost accuracy and reproducibility, improving productivity and yields for many microinjection procedures in transgenics, developmental biology, and other cell biology applications.

Comprising a control unit, a space-saving piezo actuator and an ergonomic foot control, the Eppendorf PiezoXpert offers intuitive set-up and handling. Impulses may be triggered either through the foot control or a button on the device, with optical feedback confirming pulse activation. Additionally, the number of piezo impulses can be predefined, allowing for gentle and controlled manipulation. Digital parameter setting is via two rotary knobs and all settings for two channels are displayed at the same time.

As Dr Heide Niesalla, Global Product Manager for Cell Technology, points out, the Eppendorf PiezoXpert includes a number of unique features which make for excellent ease of use: ‘The construction and operation principle, with direct transmission of the piezo impulse, is designed to provide enhanced reproducibility for techniques such as mouse ICSI, enucleation and injection of ES cells. Three program keys on the PiezoXpert give quick access to stored sets of parameters, while an ultra-fast and powerful ‘clean’ function, also programmable, speeds workflow by removing debris from the capillary. Each time the device is switched on, an automatic self-test is performed, guaranteeing optimum performance.’

In addition to use with Eppendorf’s portfolio of micromanipulation systems, including earlier models, the versatile PiezoXpert is also compatible with products from other manufacturers. With a small 17 x 23 cm footprint, the PiezoXpert fits easily beside any micromanipulation workstation.

Eppendorf UK, incorporating New Brunswick from 1st January 2011, is headquartered in Cambridge and a subsidiary of Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, Germany. With over 2,600 employees on four continents, Eppendorf AG is a leading global supplier of systems and research tools for the biotechnology industry. The company achieved a turnover of £422m (€484m) in 2010 and operating profits (EBIT) of £81.7m (€93.6m).

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