Trend Reports for ACHEMA 2012 Start out with Single-use Technologies

The trend reports for ACHEMA 2012 are being published. From now on, every three to four weeks, they offer background information about current topics in chemical engineering, biotechnology and environmental protection.

What are the current developments in packaging and labeling? What is the status of process analytics? What are food biotechnologists working on at the moment? Answers to these questions provide the trend reports of DECHEMA. Experts from academia and industry and international specialized journalists provide background information and overviews on the status of research and technology on current topics of ACHEMA. An inventory of single-use technologies leads the way and can be downloaded from . Further publications will follow in three to four week intervals.

Planned topics include:

  • Single-use technologies
  • Plant engineering for biomass processing
  • The energy revolution and its impact
  • Bioeconomy
  • Food biotechnology/food processing technology
  • Energy storage
  • Pumps and valves
  • Fire prevention in the chemical industry
  • Recovery of raw materials, recyclable materials and energy in industrial water technology
  • Packaging technology and protection against counterfeiting
  • Process analytical technology
  • Risk management (with focus on IT-security)
  • Biobased chemicals

The ACHEMA trend reports are available in German and English language and can be used free of charge in the coverage of ACHEMA.

For more information please contact:
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