Extending the Temperature Measurement Range of IR Cameras

A technical article from FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions discusses the technique of 'superframing' and how it can be used to extend the temperature measurement range of IR cameras.

Infrared cameras, like any other camera, do not have infinite dynamic range. When an object in the scene appears blown out then two undesirable things happen: image details are lost and any temperature measurements in that part of the scene are no longer valid. This saturation problem, particularly acute with mid wave infrared (MWIR) cameras because of the high thermal contrast in the MWIR waveband, can be addressed with a technique scientists and engineers call superframing.

The technique of superframing, as developed by FLIR, consists of varying the exposure, or integration time of an IR camera from frame to frame in a cyclic manner and combining the resulting subframes into single superframes with greatly extended temperature ranges, thereby allowing the user to visualize scenes featuring wide temperature differences.

The authors of the article demonstrate with a series of applications examples how superframing significantly extends the effective scene brightness of an infrared imaging system while maintaining thermal contrast, even at low temperatures.

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